Dual Over-Voltage Protection CRM PFC Controller

The SM1001 is an active power factor correction (PFC) controller for boost PFC applications that operates in the critical conduction mode (CRM). It uses the voltage mode PWM which compares the internal ramp signal with the error amplifier output to generate the MOSFET turn-off signal. The voltage mode CRM PFC controller does not need rectified AC line voltage information, so it can save the power loss of the input voltage sensing network necessary for the current mode CRM PFC controller. It provides many protection functions such as dual overvoltage protection,
open-feedback protection, over current protection, PFC output diode short protection and undervoltage lock out protection. The SM1001 can be disabled if the FB pin voltage is lower than 0.35 V and the operating current then decreases to 65 μA. Using a new variable on-time control method, the THD is lower than the conventional CRM boost PFC ICs.

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