USB Type-C Controller with 2:1 MUX High-Speed Switch, OVP for CC1/2 and D+/D- Pins and a 500 mA Boost Converter

The SM5513 is a highly integrated Interface IC that features Type-C controller for sink, source and DRP modes; dead battery and accessory detection; 2:1 MUX high-speed switch up to 400 Mbps; 22 V withstanding voltage for CC1, CC2, DM_CON and DP_CON pins with programmable OCP on VCONN and a 500 mA boost converter for VCONN or general purposes. The device integrates a very low RDS_ON resistance for VCONN application to provide a supply voltage as minimally as possible. The SM5513 is available in a 2.1 mm x 2.1 mm, 25-Bump WLCSP package. 

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