Offline Isolated PSR Fly-back LED Controller with Active PFC

The SM1512 is a primary-side-control off-line LED lighting controller which can achieve high power factor and accurate LED current for an isolate lighting application in a single stage converter. The controller operates using critical conduction mode. It can reduce the MOSFET switching loss and improve the converter efficiency. This primary side control method can control the LED current accurately from the primary side information. It can simplify the LED lighting system design by eliminating the secondary feedback components and the opto-coupler. The device integrates power factor correction function and multi protection functions. Protection functions such as under-voltage lock-out, overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, cycle-by-cycle current limit, open lamp detection, short lamp detection and over temperature protection enhance system reliability and safety. The SM1512 is available in a small SOIC-8L package.

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