6 Channel White LED Driver with Internal-switch Boost Regulator for High Power LED

The SM2006 is a high-efficiency white LED driver with an internal-switch current mode step-up regulator. It drives up to six channels of the series LED array with a ±2% current regulation accuracy. Each current source for LED driving is adjustable up to 40 mA. The step-up DC-DC converter provides the regulated supply voltage for LED driving. To reduce power loss, the SM2006 features the headroom control which detects the lowest channel voltage and uses to set the output voltage. The high switching frequency of the converter makes it possible to use ultra-small inductors and ceramic capacitors. The device provides two brightness control methods – phase shift PWM and direct PWM – and the dimming mode is selected by an external dimming mode selection pin. In case of phase shift PWM, output dimming frequency is adjusted by an external resistor. The SM2006 features multiple protections to protect the controller from fault conditions.

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