High-Efficiency Three-String with up to 10-WLED White LED Driver

The SM5350 is a current mode boost converter which supplies the power and controls current in up to three strings of 8 LEDs per string. Programming is done over an I2C-compatible interface. The maximum LED current is adjustable from 5 mA to 29.8 mA. At any given maximum LED current the LED brightness is further adjusted with exponential or linear dimming steps. Additionally, pulsed width modulation (PWM) brightness control can be enabled allowing for LED current adjustment by a logic level PWM signal.


The boost switching frequency is programmable at 500 kHz for low switching loss performance or 1 MHz to allow the use of tiny low-profile inductors. Overvoltage protection is programmable at 16 V, 24 V, 32 V, or 35.5 V to accommodate a wide variety of LED configurations and Schottky diode/output capacitor combinations. The SM5350 is available in a 12-bump WLCSP package.

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