A Very High Efficiency Switched Capacitor 6A Charger with Bypass Mode

The  SM5470  is a  highly integrated dual-mode switched capacitor charger that integrates an external  OVP  switch controller, an infinite regulation loop and a very accurate 12-Bit ADC. The device features not only a switched-capacitor architecture or a  current doubler mode but also a path-through topology for a bypass mode. This very high efficiency switched capacitor charger with a very low R DS_ON  resistance reduces the thermal dissipation of a fast-charging system, which results in shorter charging time. The device integrates a stand-alone infinite regulation loop for VBAT and IBAT using an internal Q RB  switch without an external OVP switch.  


The device also includes a very accurate  12-bit ADC  to provide input voltage, input current, output voltage, output current, and die temperature needed to manage the charging profile of the fast charging system. 


The device integrated powerful protection schemes such as over-voltage, over-current, under-current, over-temperature, a  flying  capacitor  short-circuit  and  a  watchdog  timer  to 
secure a robust charging for the system.  


The SM5470 is available in 36-bumps WLCSP package. 

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