Find our advanced solutions for smartphone applications

  • Battery Management

    Space- and power-efficient solutions for battery charging and gauging that allow both conventional switching and direct/fast charging

  • Interface PMIC

    Single-chip solutions that integrate multiple discrete IPs for mobile devices such as battery charger, fuel gauge, camera flash driver, RGB LED driver, etc.

    Interface PMIC

  • Interface & Protection

    Smaller and power-efficient interface ICs conforming to new USB specifications; over-voltage protection ICs that protect the circuit from voltage surges

  • PMIC for SoC

    General purpose PMICs that supply power to main SoCs for various applications such as smartphones, automotive, and IoT

  • PMIC for OLED

    Power supply ICs for OLED display with high efficiency, fast transient response, precise output regulation, and lower supply current

  • Display LED Backlight

    LED backlight controllers for LCD panels with high power, multi-channel driver and brightness controller functions

    Display LED Backlight

  • Switching Regulator

    Offer various buck, boost and buck-boost converters with high efficiency and reliability

    Switching Regulator

  • Wireless Power

    Wireless power transmitter and receiver solutions that meet global standard specifications including WPC and PMA


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