Job Openings

We value our employees and their families. Our benefit packages include employees and their families.
We pursue a work-life balance to make a better future for everyone.

  • Enthusiasm
  • Professionalism
  • Future-oriented
  • Systematic Process in Development
    Preemptive Investment in R&D

    We are continuously leading the market by investing 25% of sales
    each year in developing the latest technologies and products.
    We pursue talent-oriented culture and ensure a smart working
    environment where employees are comfortable while working and
    productivity are maintained.
    We provide growth opportunities in which employees can develop
    themselves into professionals.

  • Work-life Balance Benefits

    We value our employees and their families.
    Our benefits program include family health insurance and regular health
    The children of employees may also receive education benefits. We also
    provide housing assistance programs, welfare cards for self-development,
    holiday incentives, and gift cards.
    In addition, we deliver individual job training programs and implement
    flexible working hours.
    We offer a work-life balance and put the effort into creating a healthy work


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